Professional Services.

Services offered include:  LADC Evaluations, DOT/SAP Evaluations, Individual Therapy, EMDR, Group Therapy, DWI Aftercare, and Sober Yogis.      All ages welcome.

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DWI Aftercare.

The frustration, humiliation, and inconvenience of not having a driver’s license cannot be overestimated. Recovery Services can helpyou attain your goal of getting back on the road, and not repeating another such consequence of drinking/drug use.  The following basic information is offered to avoid confusion and misunderstanding regarding the role Recovery Services has as a DUI/DWI service provide

The duration of DUI/DWI treatment usually ranges from 6-24 sessions (unless otherwise specified in your Service Plan).  Please understand that while the IDCMP has projected the range of sessions required for reinstatement of your driver’s license, it is just that-- a projection.   Whether or not you complete DUI/DWI service plan within the specified time frame depends on change (action) and not merely session attendance.  As a service provider, I am responsible for making provisions to your service plan when appropriate.

I offer two DWI Aftercare groups per week. Wednesdays at 6PM and Thursdays at 12:30PM.  These groups meet the State of New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine requirements when additional counseling has been mandated prior to driver's license restoration.


Recovery Services is a provider for Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield Managed Care Network, United Behavioral Health, United Health Care and WellSense. Recovery Services may be eligible to provide services on other insurance plans as well. Please check with your carrier to determine eligibility.

Out of Pocket Fees.

The following fees are in keeping with the standards of professional practice

  • LADC Evaluation or Assessment with Written Recommendations $350

  • LADC Assessment for Custody Dispute to Guardian Ad Litem $800

  • DOT Evaluations with Follow-up $350

  • Hourly Rate for Individual Therapy (45-50 minutes) $125

  • Group Therapy (60-75 minutes) $40

  • Sober Yogis Support Group TBD

  • Hourly charges for report writing and/or additional services $125

  • Fee for missed session without 24 hour notice $125/$40

Charges for Additional Services.

Ancillary professional services by subpoena or other required documentation (e.g, treatment summary, completion letter for Impaired Driver Intervention Program/DMV, report writing, deposition or trial preparation, attendance at court, travel time, etc.)  $125 per hour.

Cash, credit cards, personal checks, and PayPal accepted.

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