There are so many ways to heal and feel better about life that we don't even know them all.  New methods are being discovered every day.

I believe that the purpose of therapy is to facilitate growth in self-acceptance and self-awareness.  We work together as a team to find the most suitable methods to facilitate your ability to create the life you want to live.  Of course, any kind of personal growth provides "side-effects" that may feel uncomfortable at first; but lasting and meaningful change ultimately leads to a more purposeful and joyful life.  

I am not the type of provider who is going to sit in the chair, and ask you "How does that make you feel?," and then "Hmmm," and nod back at you.  I am interested in addressing where my own and others' inner resistance to happiness and wholeness resides; exploring self-imposed limits; and moving out of fear into the freedom that is every person's birthright. 

If you are interested in an active, motivating and challenging provider, please contact me.

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Your body is a truth detector. Your mind can play tricks on you; but your body keeps the score.

I am a strong advocate of body centered therapies. Somatosensory awareness is essential to healing from substance use disorders. It takes practice to develop body awareness. We teach and practice breath work, meditation, and yoga. We also employ other body centered therapies proven to give rise to a sense of well being and a persistent experience of the self as aware and calm. Other body-centered therapies offered include EMDR and infra-slow neurofeedback.


I have specialized as a substance abuse clinician since 1991.  I received a Master's Degree from Yale University in 1988. I received clinical training at Yale-New Haven Hospital and later began a career as a substance abuse clinician at The Yale Psychiatric Institute and as a research associate for the Department of Psychiatry at Yale Medical School in the area of addiction prevention and treatment. As a research associate at Yale Medical School, I worked on several projects, including the development of a medical detoxification protocol for opiate dependence.  I have also worked collaboratively to develop models for outpatient and hospital-based intensive outpatient programs.  I have enjoyed a broad range of experience working with adults, families, and adolescents at all levels of ASAM care.